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Get ready for
EU digital WALLET

Your partner on the way to fully digital client onboarding — through Unified European Digital ID.

Connecting banks, companies, and institutions.

Verified & Secure Solution

Compatible with All Identity providers

Easy & Quick Implementation

EU wallet welcome

Shift your company towards the digital future and get a headstart for your business!

At MONET+, we’re ready to help you implement your EUDI Wallet solution. Easy, fast & secure. 

By 2024, all European citizens will be entitled to connect to EU Digital Identity. Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions need to implement EU Digital Identity into their identity verification processes. 

A huge milestone on the way to Digital EU, the EUDI Wallet brings new business opportunities not only to the financial sector but also to companies that need to verify their clients’ identities. 

Research by Eurobarometer shows that EU citizens have high hopes for a unified EU ID and intend to use it. Those who miss out and don’t join the EUDI Wallet, will be left behind.

6 million people use MONET+ authentication solution daily

In Czechia, 5 largest banks joined forces and built the unified Bank ID for their clients. Three of these 5 founding banks use MONET+ solution. We can proudly say we helped build the unified Bank ID in the Czech Republic.

Our clients are large Czech banks, members of international banking groups. Besides Digital ID, we deliver solutions for electronic payments, enterprise ID, smart cities and eGovernment. Billions of EUR in banking transactions are protected by our solution every day.

EU wallet Digital ID

EU Digital Identity
with MONET+

It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a verified provider of EU Digital Identity, or use it to authenticate your clients. We have a solution for anyone who wants to join the EUDI Wallet scheme.

Client digital onboarding

EU Digital ID 
for Easy Client Onboarding

Smooth client onboarding, without the need for a physical ID check. Applicable across all EU member states. Don’t stay behind and start verifying your clients’ identity on a European scale.

EU wallet mobile app

EU Digital ID
in Your Mobile App

Documents verifying one’s EU ID are stored in their banking app — for clients who don’t want to get a separate EUDI Wallet app. MONET+ offers a seamless integration into an existing mobile app.

Consulting and Advisory

EU Digital ID Wallet
Consulting & Advisory

Having been in the business since 1996, we know our way around! We never stop monitoring regulation and closely watch legislation in the making. Get in touch to get advice and find out what we can do for you.

Developed for Banks, Applicable Across Businesses

Our team of digital experts finds a solution for everyone. They integrate it with your existing solutions seamlessly, following your brandbook to a T. With high emphasis on the ultimate user experience.

Compliant to all relevant regulation — eIDAS 2.0, GDPR, AML and more

Respecting the highest cyber-security standards

Customised for your brand

EU wallet mobile application

EU Digital ID in Numbers

+440 mil

European citizens will be able to use EU Digital ID


All EU member states plus Norway, Iceland, and Ukraine


of EU citizens want to use ONE
digital ID for all their online services


of EU citizens are already eager to get their EUDI Wallet

Don’t Stay Behind.
Get an EUDI Wallet Solution Now!

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